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Intermediate SHRED



Believe it or not, you’re in a really good spot. You’ve been in the gym and because of that, you’ve got some nice muscle development and are already one step ahead.

But still, right now, you’re not the whole way there. You still have that last layer of fat to lose before you can fully reveal your muscle definition and attain the lean physique you’re after.

And the only way you’re gonna lose that layer of fat and reveal that already well proportioned, sculpted physique, is by getting into a “fat loss phase” that enables you to lean down WHILE maintaining AS MUCH muscle mass as possible in the right places.

THIS is going to be the key to revealing the chiseled physique that you actually already have but is just hidden by your excess fat...

...and is exactly what the Intermediate SHRED is optimized to do; take intermediate lifters with a decent amount of muscle mass and lean them down to reveal the chiseled physique they've always had.

With over 95+ scientific references within the program, you can trust that you are indeed maximizing your efforts and taking the most efficient route towards attaining your dream physique. 

Case and point:

Two students of mine in a similar position as you were likely in - who perfectly executed the science-based techniques contained within the Intermediate SHRED program in order to lean down to REVEAL their physique...

Within the program you'll learn the exact evidence-backed training and nutrition protocols these students (and countless others) have used to transform their physique from a very similar starting point as you're now in. 

You'll learn how powerful science really is when it comes to transforming your physique.