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The key to drastically dropping your body fat and creating the lean, chiseled physique your after is by getting into something called a “fat loss” phase or a “body recomposition”.

Designed to drastically lower your body fat while increasing your strength on key lifts – meaning that you’ll be able to simultaneously drop your body fat AND gain muscle mass IF done properly - such that when you do lean down, you're not simply skinny. You're shredded

BUT the problem is - most people in your situation don’t go about doing this properly.

Instead, they’re often doing at least one, or in some cases, all of the following:

  1. Not progressing in the gym
  2. Severely restricting calories.
  3. Performing excessive cardio

        Why is this an issue?

        Well, let's start with point 1.

        When you have a decent amount of muscle you can look good at higher levels of body fat than those with less muscle, simply meaning that; performing the right exercises and consistently getting stronger on them is what you need to prioritize - as this will be the key in you developing adequate muscle mass in the right places.

        The problem with point 2?

        Eating too little often does more harm than good, especially in the case of someone looking to lean down. 


        What happens when you throw in point 3 and add excessive cardio into the mix? 

        You burn off much of your hard earned muscle.


        Well, as a result, you end up at virtually the same body fat you started out at but with less muscle, AKA the “skinny fat” body type. 

        BUT, on the other hand, when the right methods are used… here’s what happens.


        Two students of mine that went from where they were — a similar boat as you're likely in now — all the way to where they are now.



        1) Used a set of science-based key lifts and prioritized progressing them in order to develop muscle mass in the right places.

        2) Ate the optimal amount of calories and macronutrients to lean down without sacrificing muscle in the process.

        It really is that simple. And in my course, Beginner SHRED, I'll show you the exact simple yet effective science-based protocols those 2 students (and many more) used to attain the lean, chiseled physique they've always desired.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 64 reviews
        Marcus Gonzales
        Its great/helpful

        Im new to working out so this program really helps. I cant go to the gym right now, so the at home workouts help. If i go into the program i can always find a creative or new way to workout.

        Nischal Devkota
        Good Home Dumbbells' Program

        I have used this program for 4 weeks now and I can say that I have satisfied with the home dumbbells' workout program. My body fat percentage has dropped from 20% to 17% and I have gained some muscles in many areas, unfortunately not in the arms region yet since they are quite thin. Looking forward to what the next month of cutting will do!! I do feel like the abs session which is designated for once a week might be a bit too less (maybe it should be 2-3 times a week). I could not find relevant studies for this case though. Maybe Jeremy can do a video about it!!

        Colby Cassady

        I do love the program, it has been a great help. I just wish it was an app form as well for quick and easier access.

        Michal Martinka
        Great program

        Very helpful information provided in the program

        Jett Justin Gapido

        There are some features in the program that I thought is accessible the moment I purchase it. But they were asking for additional payment. Although I get the point that it is a business, I would appreciate it if you tell the people directly instead of them discovering it along the way.