You can choose between monthly and every 3 months payments:


Who creates these meal plans?

A team of Dieticians that are HAND PICKED by Jeremy and the Built with Science Team.

Can I speak to the dietician who creates my plans?

We have an extensive matching process to assign you with the Dietician that best fits your needs and goals. Therefore, you won’t be able to meet your dietician coach until you enroll into the program. Once you are enrolled, you will have an introductory goal setting video call, along with monthly progress report video calls. Any nutrition related questions you have between each monthly call can be sent to your dietician via our custom app and will be responded to within 24 hours.

There are certain foods I only have access to, can you work with them?

Your meal plans are going to be completely customized towards you: your food preferences, foods you have access to, what you enjoy. I can assure you that you will not find two same meal plans in the whole program.

I don’t want to count calories, will this program work for me?

Depending on what your goal is, it would be most ideal to track your caloric intake and weight. This will allow your Dietician to review your progress and make the necessary adjustments to help you achieve your goals. That being said, if you would still prefer not to, your dietician can easily work together to help you with developing healthy eating habits and focus on portion control.

How many days does the meal plan include?

Your meal plan includes 3 full days of meals along with four grocery lists, one for each day and one that includes the total of all the 3 days. Each day's meals can be interchangeable with other meals to continuously add variety into your plan. In addition, you’ll be able to request for updates every month during your progress report calls.

I have a food intolerance; will this still work?

This is not an issue at all. Our dieticians will be able to create your custom nutrition program personalized  to your goals while working around any intolerances you have. Our dietician will also be able to create a custom meal plan tailored to your goals while tailoring everything to your food preferences. This includes vegetarian, vegan, keto, paleo, intermittent fasting, gluten free, or any dietary preferences that you have.

Do I have to prepare and follow every single meal?

We understand that there will be events that come up where you won’t be able to follow the meal plan religiously and that’s totally OK. We are focused on making your health and fitness a lifestyle, and something you can enjoy and sustain. That being said, we do have many guides on what to do if you need to veer away from the meal plan, and your dietician will educate you on this

There are foods I don’t like; can you work around them?

Of course, as long as this is noted on your questionnaire and discussed with your dietician on your call together, this can definitely be worked around.

I have certain medical conditions; can you work with them?

Our dieticians have a wide range of experiences when it comes to medical conditions and can deal with things such as Cronh’s, Celiac’s, IBS, IBD, and diabetes.

Do you offer refunds?

There are no refunds for the Built with Science 1-on-1 Custom Nutrition program. There is a $100 cancellation fee if an order is refunded before the meal plan is sent.