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Built With Science All-in-One Band



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Made of 100% natural latex, the all-in-one band is a light-weight, durable, strong resistance band with endless applications. Providing 10-40 lbs of resistance, these resistance bands are set at the perfect resistance for: 

  • Boosting muscle growth and strength by enhancing the resistance curve
  • Mobility
  • Prehab and rehabilitation
  • Plyometrics, speed, and agility training

The band is compact, travel-friendly and easily stored - so you can take it wherever need be!

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Dustin Humbert
Impressed so far

The bands are nice and definitely provide a resistance level needed for a beginner.

Laura Trickey
Great product!

My 22 year old son was using your band regularly and told me how great it worked for him. He encouraged me to get one for myself, so I did. I really love it. Still new at using it, so that's all I can share for now. :)

Michael Haugen

Good Quality,
This is the second one I've got. No issues with first just has a couple of uses, so got another..
But "Made in China" C-mon... Jeremy!

Adam Christopher Tibe

Material and form looks cheap than I was expecting.

Sebastian Motes
Great All Around Band but Pricey

Great Band that is durable and useful for upper body warmups. I use it 3 days a week for the upper body warm-up routines listed in the program. My only problem is this band is pricey at $34 after tax + $1 foreign transaction fee. Similar listings on amazon are 1/3 of the cost. However, as someone who strongly believes in the BWS brand and Jeremy, I wanted to purchase this band to support the business. Also, the band may or may not have a tailored size specifically for use as intended in the program and I rather have that than not.