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Built With Science Mini-Bands Set



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Made of 100% natural latex, each mini-band is extremely durable and comes in varied colours with a sleek matte finish. All three bands are marked with a unique level of resistance, making them the perfect accessory to enhance your lower body training and enable you to progress faster overtime.

Your set includes: 

  • A sleek and compact black mesh carrying back
  • 3 resistance bands (12”x 2”) with increasing levels:
    • Light (5-10 lbs) 
    • Medium (15-20 lbs)
    • Heavy: (25-30 lbs)

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Dustin Humbert
Impressed so far

I am new to using these bands, but like them so far. I will provide an additional update after using them a couple months.

Kashala Jarrells
Great Quality

Definitely progressed my workout. I feel alot more activation during my workouts now. My only issue: I have thicker thighs and they will bunch if I'm not careful.

Mia-Paola Aceves

Built With Science Mini-Bands Set