Female LEAN

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Female LEAN

Female LEAN

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Product description

As a FEMALE who needs to burn STUBBORN FAT and reveal MUSCLE DEFINITION…


...Is your Solution To MELT AWAY FAT AND REVEAL an


The Female LEAN Program utilizes 90+ SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH PAPERS from experts all over the world...

to help you achieve

by working smarter, not harder...


You don’t need fancy workouts or another 10-day diet regimen to get results

What you need is a simple yet highly effective science based-protocol to help you attain a body that is:

  • Toned but not “bulky.”
  • Lean but not scrawny.
  • With curves in all the right places, like your abs and glutes.


...and this is exactly what your training program is designed to do.
We do this by:

1. Eating Enough Calories
to nourish the body and support muscle growth, while shredding excess body fat.

2. Emphasizing Heavy Lifting,
to turn your body into a calorie burning machine for 45 hours following your workout.

3. Using Cardio Sparingly,
to help speed up the fat loss process...and reveal the body you’ve always wanted but never thought was possible.

4. Creating a Safe, Friendly “Female-Only” Community
Where you can come for help, advice, in the best science-based fitness community with 100s of women going through the same journey towards creating a better version of themselves.

But I know what some of you are probably
thinking at this point…

“Jeremy, won't heavy lifting and getting stronger just make me bulky?! I thought that I should be doing light weights with high reps, circuit training, and 'fat burning exercises'?!"

This is where you’ve been misled.

And I don’t blame you for thinking that because most women have this misconception. You need to know the truth that there are no distinct “fat loss” versus “muscle growth” exercises… Rather, your main focus when losing fat needs to be on increasing your muscle mass as you lose weight.

And How Can We Best Do This…?

By lifting heavy with the right exercises to build muscle in the right places WHILE letting your diet do the work for you in terms of “burning fat” THIS is the key to preventing a “skinny-fat” look from developing after all your weight loss and hard work.

And no, this won’t make you “bulky”.

Think about it this way...
Men have about 10 to 15 times as much testosterone as women and even we have a very difficult time trying to get big and bulky (which is what we men often want!).
Meaning that it's GOING TO BE NEAR IMPOSSIBLE for you to get bulky without the use of drugs.
Yet this heavy weightlifting "fear" is so detrimental to women because heavy weightlifting combined with eating the right amount of calories to drop fat is the fastest way to get the look most women are after: athletic, lean muscles with curves and lines in all the right places.

How the Lean Program Works:

The program begins with a “fat loss or body recomposition phase” that drastically lowers your body fat while increasing your strength on key lifts. With this proven protocol, many of you will be to strip off excess body fat while building lean muscle in the process which is exactly how you’ll attain an attractive physique. According to research, men and women need different training protocols.


  1. Eating too little
  2. Using diet fads that just don’t work
  3. And doing the wrong types of workouts

If you’ve had no results doing them, it isn’t your fault...
But if you DON’T AVOID light weights, excessive cardio, and minimal calories, this is what will happen to you after all your weight loss and hard work: You’ll end up (or stay) with a "skinny fat" physique.

This is why getting out of this vicious cycle is extremely important to materialize the dream body that you want. You will definitely have to push yourself in this program, but if you apply EVERYTHING in the program, your efforts at the gym will be rewarded...

...with an attractively lean and toned hourglass physique that has “CAPTIVATING CURVES ON THE RIGHT PLACES” that will make heads turn at the beach…

If you’re ready to transform your body into a physical manifestation of the body that you want, then the LEAN program is for you.