Healthy Junk Food Cookbook (E-Book)

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Healthy Junk Food Cookbook (E-Book)

Healthy Junk Food Cookbook (E-Book)

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90+ incredibly delicious, high-protein recipes designed to help you build muscle and lose fat.

Here's Exactly What You'll Get When You Order The Healthy Junk Food Cookbook' Today:

✔90+ Delicious, Mouth-Watering Meals
Build muscle and lose fat with 90+ guilt-free, high protein recipes that you can eat everyday.

✔Step-By-Step Cooking Instructions
Each recipe comes with step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow — even if you’re not good at cooking.

✔Budget Friendly Ingredients
Our recipes use very simple, inexpensive ingredients. You won’t have any problems finding them in the store either, because we reference exactly where you can get them.

✔Custom Meal Plans
You'll receive custom meal plans that show you exactly how you can build muscle and lose fat using only recipes from the cookbook.

✔The Ultimate Grocery Shopping Guide
For every type of food in this cookbook, we show you actual nutrition labels so you know exactly what to look for and where to find them.

✔ Vegan and Vegetarian Recipes Included
Even if you’re not vegan, these recipes will blow your taste buds through the roof.

✔MyFitnessPal Integrated
All 90+ recipes have already been logged in the MyFitnessPal app for you. That means, all you have to do is look up the name of each recipe, and select it!

Customer Reviews

Based on 191 reviews

Very good explanations and examples.


I stopped doing research on what to eat and how to train because everything is covered in the book and well organized

Definitely a happy customer!

I had been trying different ways of working out and loose weight. I have always been athletic - love to swim, climb, play sports, etc. - but I kept struggling with maintaining my ideal weight. During the pandemic my weight kept creeping up so I decided to try something more formal than I was used to.

I started the BWS Female lean program in August 2020 and now at the end of March 2021 I have lost a little over 20 pounds and went from 35% to 25% body fat. I did not expect these kind of results especially given my distaste for having to monitor what I eat and lifting weights. I have grown comfortable having to be mindful of what I eat and it makes sense from a scientific standpoint. I have also learned to like lifting because I actually feel stronger and the workouts aren't too long. I also have two slightly vain reasons for liking the program so much. I have been getting lots of compliments about looking fit (from men and women) and I have been able to get back into some of my college skinny clothes that I held on to for way too long - 40 is right around the corner for me.

Something that almost held me back from buying the program was how rigid the program would be. It's only as rigid as you make it. I still eat macarons like I will never see them again and do amounts of cardio that might make Jeremy nervous. I have learned new things about what my body can do, have grown to appreciate relaxing a little because I know it will not derail my achievements, and I have a renewed love of walking as a form getting activity in.

Mike Y

Changed my life!


Really great program! And thankful for including the at-home workouts for keeping things going during lockdowns.