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Adding muscle mass once you've already had a bit of training experience becomes difficult to do. 

As an intermediate lifter, you've probably reached plateaus that have made it difficult to progress past your beginner stage. You're no longer benefiting from "newbie" gains and can no longer simply add weight to the bar every week to progress...

...and if you stick on a program that's not optimally catered to your training experience (i.e. sticking to a program designed for beginners), then you're not going see the results you're looking for. 

This is where most people get stuck and fail to further progress their physique - and is exactly what the intermediate BUILD program focuses on; advanced science-based strategies to help you break through plateaus and create the powerful-looking physique you're after:

The main focus of your routine will be on a set of evidence-backed key lifts - that along with the advanced progression schemes we'll use - are designed to pack on extra muscle mass in the right places. 

This will be supplemented with a series of 8-week specialization phases that specifically target and accentuate certain body parts in order to really make a difference in your muscular development. 

The above described methods of training, combined with a nutrition protocol designed to get you intaking the optimal amount of calories and macronutrients, will break you through any plateaus you're currently experiencing and will be the key to achieving that extra growth your after. 

Customer Reviews

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Really great program! And thankful for including the at-home workouts for keeping things going during lockdowns.

Buy it. It's a deal and will transform you.

I have followed a number of work out programmes over the years, and even worked with personal trainers of and on. I was in my late 50's and looking for a change to mix things up. I found the spreadsheets super helpful, the diet recommendations transforming, and the exercises varied and easy to follow. I added muscle and then did a shred and am at the lowest fat percentage of my life. Now at 60, I follow the programme a little more loosely and work to maintain the muscle I have without pushing for further growth. By doing this, I'm hoping to avoid injury as well and stay healthy for years to come.


So much content for such a little price!


I’ve struggled for years to increase strength and muscle on my legs. The leg focused routine that came with the intermediate build program has provided a clear routine to follow and I’m reaching new records and seeing muscle growth like I’ve always wanted. 10/10 would buy this program again.


Made me gain weight and strength!